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Special moments when we bring together clients and partners to discuss growth and entrepreneurship, with the participation of economic operators.

8ème Jeudi de Richelieu

Inauguration and exhibition in Reims

7ème Jeudi de Richelieu

The Universal Exhibition in France in 2025, what opportunities for businesses?

6ème Jeudi de Richelieu

" Salaud de patron " (Bastard of a boss)

5ème Jeudi de Richelieu

How to set up in Brazil?

4ème Jeudi de Richelieu

The entrepreneurial adventure

3ème Jeudi de Richelieu

L’atelier des Chefs: the ingredients of success

2ème Jeudi de Richelieu

When crisis makes you stronger: the Thatcherite experience

1er Jeudi de Richelieu

The Henriot Group, a successful growth story

Richelieu Avocats is very happy to have celebrated the first anniversary of the association of Sylvain Pelletreau specializing in environmental law, at the same time as the inauguration of the premises in Reims on September 15th. The firm is now established in Paris, Laval and Reims.

Inauguration Reims Richelieu Avocats

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Meeting at the Maison du Barreau with Jean-Christophe Fromantin, , Deputy-Mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine and Chairman of EXPOFRANCE 2025 interviewed by François-Nicolas d’Alincourt, journalist.

Chronique d'un salaud de patron

At the height of the crise des Pigeons (difficulties experienced by entrepreneurs promoting start-ups), a salaud de patron (bastard of a boss), a successful author, came to talk about the daily life of an entrepreneur.

To start the year 2014 on a good footing, a daring 6th Jeudi de Richelieu was on the agenda for our guests, at the initiative of Benoît Gruau and Guillaume Marguet.

The first dare was to schedule it on a Wednesday 22nd January, at the mythical premises of chocolatier Angelina, over a delicious breakfast.

The second was to partner with Sevenstones, thanks to Elodie Le Gendre, to come up with an attractive and exciting topic. The third and last dare was to give the opportunity to meet an exceptional business owner, who talks, in a pertinent and outspoken manner, about the prejudices against French entrepreneurs.

The Responsibility Pact added to the quality of discussions, paving the way to a positive conclusion. And the audience picked up on the problems encountered on a daily basis by those who shoulder the responsibilities of a company, while embracing their fascinating and captivating challenge.

Boosted by the enthusiasm displayed by our guests that morning, we can’t wait to organise another Jeudi de Richelieu. Stay tuned!

In the presence of Julien Leclercq and Élodie Le Gendre. Wednesday 22 January 2014 at Angelina.

The 5th Jeudi de Richelieu was held at restaurant Hédiart with Bertrand de Solere, Lawyer at the Bar of Rio.

Talk and discussion with three young entrepreneurs of rapidly growing companies, led by Vincent Roux, journalist at LCI.

Étienne de la Thébeaudière
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Corinne Thérézien
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Diego Magdelenat
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The discussions of this 4th Jeudi de Richelieu were led by Vincent Roux, journalist at LCI.

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Thursday 8 July 2010 at the Maison du Barreau - Salon du Harlay.

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It is gathered around the two directors and founders of L’atelier des Chefs, at the company’s flagship at rue de Penthièvre in Paris 8th, that the 3rd Jeudi de Richelieu was held.

The 3rd Jeudi de Richelieu was held on 18 June, gathered around the two directors and founders of L’atelier des Chefs, at the company’s flagship at rue de Penthièvre in Paris 8th.

Nicolas and François Bergerault told us about their true success story, which took courage, luck, vision and hard work.
These ingredients, combined with two capital raises, allowed L’atelier des Chefs to open 10 workshops in and outside Paris and 3 abroad, and to offer cooking classes to 100 000 persons to date.

The audience was also impressed by the several projects under way, such as the development of Cuisine Cups, the website, and the distribution method of L’atelier des Chefs gift vouchers.

As for the participatory cocktail, invented by L’atelier des Chefs, its success was beyond our expectations: under the guidance of charismatic chefs, our guests learned more about one another while preparing their Thai style beef mi-cuit and citrus fruit raviolis which they relished.

In the presence of Nicolas and François Bergerault, Directors of L’atelier des Chefs. Thursday 18 June 2009 at the Penthièvre workshop.

Jean Louis Thiériot

At the height of the global crisis, we invited Jean-Louis Thiériot, historian and lawyer, author of a remarkable biography of Margaret Thatcher.

At the height of the global crisis, we invited, Jean-Louis Thiériot, historian and lawyer, author of a remarkable biography of Margaret Thatcher, for our second Jeudi de Richelieu, to talk to us about the Iron Lady’s experience in the face of the economic crisis that hit the UK in the years 1970-80.

After an overview of the exceptional path of this a grocer’s daughter elected at the Chamber of Lords, our brilliant speaker got us to reflect on the various possible exits from the crisis, very relevant in the current situation.

This conference captivated the audience on account of its optimism and promotion of a political pro-active approach.

To close the evening, our guests tasted wine from the Château du Clapier under the guidance of its friendly owner, Thomas Montagne

In the presence of Jean-Louis Thiériot, historian and lawyer. Thursday11 December 2008 at Confair Club.

Logo Champagne Henriot

We started the cycle of Jeudis de Richelieu with Stanislas Henriot, then a young Chairman of Champagne Henriot and Director, along with his father, of the Henriot Group.

A talented speaker, he gave our guests an account, without shying away from detailed figures and the problems encountered, of the adventure of the Henriot Group.

A family adventure but also an entrepreneurial, viticultural, commercial and financial experience. From its foundation in 1808 by Apolline Henriot de la Maison (who soon became the supplier to royal courts including those of Austria and Holland) to the creation in the last ten years of a group (a family-based shareholding, headed by a holding company in the form of a limited share partnership) of companies relating to wine and spirits (in particular the Burgundy House Bouchard Père et Fils, William Fèvre and Lejay Lagoute), including a short-lived integration into the LVMH Group, the group has gradually shaped up, thanks to the hard work, exigencies and visions of the different Henriots who have led it throughout the years.

To close the evening, having replied to numerous questions from the guests, he delighted all our guests by offering a guided tasting session of some of the best of Champagne Henriot (Cuvée des enchanteleurs 1995Brut SouverainBlanc SouverainMillésime 1996).

In the presence of Stanislas Henriot, Chairman of Maison Henriot. Thursday 10 July 2008 at Ambassador Hotel.